Antique Brooches

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Starburst with Floral Wreath Brooch Antique Floral Repousse' Brooch in 18kt Flying Griffin and Sword brooch
Floral Garland Star Brooch in 14ktFloral Repousse' Brooch in 18ktFlying Griffin and Sword Brooch in 14kt

Victorian Circa 1890 Aesthetic era

Circa 1915 - Edwardian era.

Victorian circa 1890 - early Aesthetic era.

Antique 1850's Romantic era Hand Painted Angel Pendant Brooch in 14kt Antique Hand Painted on Porcelain Brooch Antique Art Nouveau Lily of the Valley and Insect Brooch with natural pearls and rose cut diamonds finished with enamel
Hand Painted Angel Medallion Pendant-Brooch in 14ktHand Painted Portrait on Porcelain in 14ktLily of the Valley and Fly Brooch in 18kt

Victorian circa 1850 - late Romantic era

Circa 1900 - late Victorian era

Victorian circa 1895 - Art Nouveau era

Moonstone Loyal Love Brooch with Seed Pearls in 14kt gold Mourning Hair Jewelry Brooch Noble Coral Brooch
Moonstone and Seed Pearl Loyal-Love Brooch in 14ktMourning Hair Jewelry Brooch in 9ktNoble Coral Brooch in 14kt

Circa 1910 - Edwardian era

Victorian circa 1840 Romantic era

Mid-Victorian circa 1870 - late Grand era

Art Deco Filigree Bar Brooch in 14kt Art Nouveau Fleur de lis pendant with opals and seed pearls in 14kt gold Antique Cameo brooch
OMC.Diamond .20ct Filigree Bar Brooch in 14ktOpal .40ct and Seed Pearl Fleur-de-lis Pendant Brooch in 14ktShell Cameo Brooch Pendant in 10kt

Circa 1930 - late Art Deco era

Crca 1900 - late Victorian era

Circa 1917 - late Victorian era

Victorian Snake Brooch in 18kt gold Striped Agate Cameo Brooch Antique Taille d'epargne brooch
Snake Brooch in 18ktStriped Agate Cameo Brooch in 14ktTaille d'epargne Brooch in 14kt

Victorian circa 1860 - Early Grand era.

Victorian Circa 1890 Aesthetic era

Victorian circa 1890 - Early Aesthetic era. 

Edwardian Taille d'epargne Bar brooch in 14kt gold Taille d'Epargne' Buckle Brooch Pendant 14kt Antique Taille d'Epargne' medallion Brooch 14kt
Taille D'epargne Seed Pearl Bar Brooch in 14ktTaille d'epargne' Buckle Pendant Brooch in 14ktTaille d'epargne' Medallion Brooch in 14kt

Circa 1910 - Edwardian era

Victorian circa 1870 Grand era

Victorian circa 1880 - late Grand era

Victorian Converted Watch Cover Brooch in 14kt
Watch Cover Brooch in 14kt

Victorian circa 1887 - late Grand era