Sterling Jewelry

As the wheels turned into the Industrial Revolution, so they punctuated the mass of sterling silver jewelry that poured out of the Birmingham, England area beginning in the 1770s and slowly increasing to gain a wild popularity through the late 1890s.  Renewed interest in ancient methods such as chasing and repousse' along with brand new techniques like machine-engraving combined to decorate each piece with rich nature-inspired symbolism, some of the most popular motifs being flowers, foliage and birds.  As a new 'working' aesthetic was build with the mass movement into the Industrial era, these pieces were worn proudly and heavily.  We find and offer the best remaining examples of these delightful handmade pieces. 

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Art Deco Enamel Pendant Victorian Equestrian Locket in Sterling Silver Etruscan Revival Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet
Enamel Flower Pendant in SilverEquestrian motif Locket in Sterling SilverEtruscan Revival Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Circa 1920 - Art Deco era

Victorian circa 1889 - Early Aesthetic era

Victorian circa 1880 - late Grand era

Antique Book link necklace chain in sterling silver Shell Cameo Floral Bracelet Ginko Motif Earrings in Sterling Silver
Fancy Book Link Necklace Chain in Sterling SilverShell Cameo Floral Bracelet in Sterling SilverGinko Motif Earrings in Sterling

Victorian circa 1890 - Early Aesthetic era

20th Century Estate

Victorian circa 1883 Aesthetic era

Antique Book Link Locket Necklace in Sterling Silver by Danecraft Pools of Light Necklace Antique Repousse Sterling Silver Angel and Serpent motif earrings with 9kt backs
Locket and Book Link Chain in Sterling SilverPools of Light Necklace in SterlingRepousse' Angel & Serpent Earrings in Sterling Silver and 9kt

Circa 1940 - Retro era

Circa 1920 - Art Deco era

Victorian circa 1890 - Early Aesthetic era

Victorian era Sterling Silver Hinged Bangle Bracelet Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Star Earrings with Scottish Agate Antique Sterling Silver Signet Ring. Made in France.
Repousse' Bangle Bracelet in Sterling SilverScottish Agate Star Earrings in SterlingSignet Ring in Sterling Silver

Victorian circa 1883 - late Grand era

Circa 1890 - Early Aesthetic era

Circa 1920 - Art Deco era. 

Antique Sterling Silver Locket Stone Compass Fob Collection Necklace in Sterling Silver Carl Ruopoli Wreath Jewelry. Sterling silver set necklace bracelet and earrings
Sterling Silver Laurel Locket PendantStone Compass FOB Necklace in Sterling SilverWreath Link Necklace Bracelet and Earrings in Sterling Silver

Circa 1914 - Edwardian era. 

Victorian circa 1880 - late Grand era.

Circa 1940's - Carl Ruopoli