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    Vintage Shell Cameo Stud Earrings in 14kt gold Vintage striped agate Cameo Ring
    Shell Cameo Earrings in 14ktStriped Agate Cameo Ring in 14kt

    Circa 1960 - Early Contemporary era

    20th Century Estate

    Our Collection IconOur extensive collection of vintage and estate jewelry spans the years between 1800 and 1990.  That means most pieces are considered collectibles.  Many created more than 100 years ago, are classified as antiques.

    Each piece of period jewelry at ALANA has its own life story.  Some of the stories we know.  Others remain a mystery with origins we can only imagine.  However, imagining is easy because ALANA selects every item in our store for the way it captures the romance of the era in which it was created.