Albert Grand Cross Star Sash Buckle Medal in Silver

Albert Grand Cross Star Sash Buckle Medal. Saxon Order of Albert. German Civil Award
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Early 20th Century estate 800-Silver Saxon Order of Albert Grand Cross Star sash buckle medal issued for civil virture, science & art. Hallmarked G&S 800Silver.  The center of the order features the gold plated bust of Albert III, Duke of Saxony, bordered with the text "Albertus Animosus" surrounded with blue enamel.  The order measures 87mm x 87mm. Signed with the makers mark G&S (Glaser & Sohn) Glaser & Sohn began manufacturing the oder after 1911.  

"The Albert Order (German: Albrechts-Orden) was created 31 December 1850 by King Frederick Augustus II of Saxony to commemorate Albert III, Buke of Saxony (known as Albert the Bold) and was to be awarded to anyone who had served the state well, for civil virture, science and art." Refernce: Gareis, Frane (1997-2003). Kingly Saxon Albrecht-Order retrieved 19 June 2010.

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