Day & Night Carved Coral Brooch and Earrings in 14kt

1870's Victorian Grand era, Day and night jewelry. Carved Coral bouquet brooch and earrings. ALANA Jewelry
  • Item #: 780-03269

Victorian circa 1870 - Grand era. Estate Day & Night Jewelry featuring 14kt yellow gold brooch and earrings comprised with carved floral motif red coral. The wire hook back earrings each have removable dangles and measures 42.2mm L x 13.8mm W. The matching C-clasp brooch has a dangle that can be removed and measures 55.2mm L x 43.7mm W. The set includes the original jewelry gift box.

Appraisal #NAGL-10902-1061679 / Appraisal value $6,500.00

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