Multi-Gemstones 14.18cts Bangle Bracelet in 9kt-14kt

Antique multi-gemstone bangle bracelet in gold, circa 1903. ALANA Jewelry
  • Item #: 780-03271

20th Century circa 1903 - late Victorian era. Estate 9kt yellow gold hinged bangle style bracelet featuring nine 14kt yellow gold bezel set with cushion mixed cut and oval cabochon cut gemstones, including star sapphire, star ruby, almandine garnets, zircons, and sapphires. The bracelet is finished with a safety chain and scroll pattern engraving and measures 9.3mm W top x 8.85mm tall x 5.3mm W bracelet shank, with an approximate fit for a 6.25" wrist. The braclet contains hallmarks from Chester, England, year 1903 by makers: C.M.W.

1 Star Sapphire=3.92ct translucent, light toned, grayish, blue with a moderately strong 6 ray star / Star Ruby=2.0ct semi-translucent, medium dark toned, slightly brownish, purplish-red with a moderately strong 6 ray star / 2 Almandine Garnets=2.82cts dark toned, slightly brownish, orangy-red / 3 Zircons=3.84cts dark toned, slightly grayiish, slightly yellowish, green / 2 Sapphires=1.60cts light toned, very slightly grayish, very slighty violetish, blue

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